Hot lunch orders for May due April 24

Posted On: Friday, February 12, 2021

Hot lunch orders/creating new account:

Elementary School: 

  • Monday: Barry Bagels
  • Tuesday: Vito's Pizza
  • Friday: Chick-fil-A

If you did NOT order lunch in March, please add to your child(red) last name homeroom teacher and student number (e.g. TEDDY PARKER 3). Hot lunches are distributed based on the grade, homeroom class and student number prior to students entering the lunch room. If you ordered lunch in March, there is no need to update student's homeroom teacher and number. 

Hot Lunch Coordinators:

  • Lunch coordinator/vendors/orders: Kate Walter,
  • Volunteer coordinator: Jen Kielczewski,
  • Lunch supplies/emergency lunch: Alison Krieger,

Junior/Senior High School: 

  • Monday: Barry Bagels
  • Friday: Chick-fil-A

Hot Lunch Coordinators:

  • Lunch coordinator/vendors/orders: Dee Dolsey,
  • Volunteer coordinator: Allison Johnson,
  • Concession window: Paula Sweeney,

Access, update, and create accounts

Existing accounts:

  • Everyone: Please log in into your lunch accounts and confirm that your student/s 2020-2021 grade level has been updated.
  • Added step for Elementary School families: ADD student number to the last name. The number by the last name will help the lunch teams serving the lunch. If a student does not know her/his number, please contact the homeroom teacher (example: First name: Bear Last Name: Teddy1)

New accounts:

  • Create a new account here; and creating it, click on "Getting Started" tab at the menu. 

Other general information

Orders for a given month are due by the 24th of the preceding month. Late orders will not be accepted. Ordering is allowed for one month at a time. No cancellations and no refunds after the deadline. 

OHSPA Hot Lunch program is run by volunteers. Interested in volunteering?

Hot lunch contacts

  • For general inquiries please contact OHSPA Hot Lunch Team:
    • OHSPA hot lunch coordinator: Jana Kammeyer,
    • OHSPA hot lunch treasurer: Penny Clarke,

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