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Profile picture of Kori Kawczynski

Profile Picture of Kori Kawczynski
Welcome to Ottawa Hills Elementary School, a great place to learn and grow! I truly believe that it takes a “Village” to raise a child. Together, we can ensure the children of Ottawa Hills will be inspired to realize his or her unique potential. They will embrace learning as a lifelong process. They will become active, responsible citizens. I invite all of you to join us in making this happen for your children and all the children in Ottawa Hills!

As the principal of Ottawa Hills Elementary School, I commit to making our children the center of every decision. I believe, in partnership with the community, OHES students will grow from our commitment to building character, cultural awareness and excellent academic achievement. We strive to provide amazing experiences for your children every day, within each of the core subjects areas, as well as through special classes, including music, art, physical education computer technology, library skills, and foreign language. An early thank you goes out to the Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association, the Ottawa Hills Music & Theatre Association and the OH Boosters for sponsoring many experiences that nurture the academic, social, emotional, and cultural growth of OHES children.

I invite you to continue to be a part of the educational experience of the children at Ottawa Hills Elementary School. Our school has a history and a future of excellence, through collaboration between expert instructors, quality support professionals, and committed parents. Together, let’s bring the mission of Ottawa Hills to life!

“In partnership with our community, Ottawa Hills Local Schools will challenge and inspire each student to realize his or her unique potential; to embrace learning as a lifelong process; and to become an active, responsible citizen.”

Go Green Bears!

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Kori Kawczynski

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