Bazil Frueh wins award from Ohio Poetry Association

Posted On: Friday, April 23, 2021

Bazil Frueh

Congratulations to junior Bazil Frueh for winning first in the free verse category in the Ohio Poetry Association's "2021 High School Poetry Contest." All winning poems receive monetary awards and publication in an OPA chapbook. 

His English teacher Sam Abbott also received recognition for his contributions to student writing success. Below is Bazil's winning verse:

"terra incognita"

shipwrecked, we float on driftwood edging near paradise,
landing on an island ravaged by carnivorous beasts

curious, we circumscribe ourselves where the lips
of the shore kiss the murky glade

forbidden, we slash lines in the sand;
i nag at your arm to follow, to cross the boundaries, to cave in

timid, what frightens you more?
the creatures lurking within the uncharted depths or—
or my eagerness to drag you down beside them?

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