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Board of Education

The Board of Education is comprised of five elected citizens and meets in regular session on the third Wednesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. and in special session (as needed) on the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m.

Meetings are held at the Village Green Offices located at 4035 W. Central Ave. in Ottawa Hills. The public is invited. Dates and times are posted on sign boards at the elementary and junior/senior high schools; agendas are posted in the main offices of both buildings and on the district website.

April 26, 2023: The Board of Education held another open conversation with the community focusing on district finances and pursuing a more blended funding model. View the recording of Superintendent Dr. Fineske's presentation here, and view the presentation slideshow here

March 10, 2023: The Board of Education held their second open conversation with the board following a presentation by Treasurer Mr. Browne and Superintendent Dr. Fineske. The presentation recording is available to view here and a copy of the slideshow is available here. A Q&A from the conversation that followed the meeting, which combines information from the presentation and the open conversations as well as additional information and resources, is available to view here

Feb. 16, 2023: The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion subcommittee of the Board of Education, which includes members of the community, has been working on the strategic plan goal: create a lifelong sense of belonging. In the fall of 2022, they surveyed the community, student body, faculty, and staff to gauge their current sense of belonging within Ottawa Hills Schools. The Board of Education then hosted in November its first “open conversation with the board” focusing on this goal, where they discussed preliminary results of and received initial reaction to the survey responses. The data can now be seen here, along with a brief video explaining the format of this release. The District, with some guidance from the DEI Subcommittee, is just beginning its work on this strategic plan goal, and collecting the survey responses presented here was among the first steps.


Board of Education-VG District Conference Room
Board of Education-VG District Conference Room


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