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This calendar shows upcoming events from five Google calendars: District Events, Junior/Senior High School Activities & Events, Junior/Senior High School Rotating Calendar, Elementary School Activities & Field Trips, and Board of Education meetings. You can use the filter feature (the little blue funnel icon) to refine your selection to select just the calendar(s) you want.

(To view upcoming events for the Office of Village Life, visit this calendar)

(To view upcoming sporting events, visit this calendar)

July 2024
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Mon, Jul 1
Tue, Jul 2
Wed, Jul 3
Bd. of Educ. Mtg.
Board of Education-VG District Conference Room
Thu, Jul 4
Fri, Jul 5
Sat, Jul 6
Sun, Jul 7
Mon, Jul 8
Tue, Jul 9
Wed, Jul 10
Thu, Jul 11
Fri, Jul 12
Sat, Jul 13
Sun, Jul 14
Mon, Jul 15
Tue, Jul 16
Wed, Jul 17
Bd of Ed Mtg
Board of Education-VG District Conference Room
Thu, Jul 18
Fri, Jul 19
Sat, Jul 20
Sun, Jul 21
Mon, Jul 22
Tue, Jul 23
Wed, Jul 24
Thu, Jul 25
Fri, Jul 26
Sat, Jul 27
Sun, Jul 28
Thu, Aug 1
24-25 Sports Parent Night
High School-Auditorium
Fri, Aug 2
Sat, Aug 3
Sun, Aug 4