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Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association

2022-OHSPA gives wishlist check

The Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association showed its gratitude toward more than 300 volunteers by hosting a thank-you breakfast for June 1 . The event was generously catered for free by the local Chick-fil-A on Talmadge Road.

The breakfast also served as the setting for the big-check ceremony, where OHSPA president Jana Kammeyer symbolically donated to the district more than $38,000 (largest amount ever) raised in support of faculty and staff “wish list” items. This year’s requested items were mostly focused around STEM initiatives — and all were approved.

“We couldn’t be more thankful,” said Superintendent Dr. Adam Fineske. “We challenged ourselves to come up with requests that aligned with our new Strategic Plan and the mission of the district. That effort resulted in some unique requests and, with your support, many new items for our classrooms.”

The Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association (“OHSPA”), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit support organization that has three main purposes: 1) to raise money to enrich student life through programs and events; 2) build stronger community loyalty; and 3) work constructively with the administration, faculty and parents by providing a forum for the exchange of information, opinions, and ideas.

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OHSPA raises funds by hosting events that bring parents and guardians together with the faculty, staff, and administration of Ottawa Hills Schools. These events include the Fall Festival, Book Fairs, and the Spring Carnival. We also organize and provide volunteers for our Lunch Program Fundraiser, and create memorable DVDs of events such as the First Grade Circus for you to purchase. 

OHSPA then funds items requested by the faculty and administration.  In the past, we have funded items such as lab tables, special movement and sensory chairs, support for school clubs and memberships, and assistance with educationally-enriched student travel.

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