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2021 - New strategic plan co-chairs

From left are Katie Talbott, Chelsey Gupta, and Rupali Chandar.

Ottawa Hills Local Schools today named three parents as co-chairs to lead a months-long, community-wide review of the district’s future through 2027. Leading the charge will be Villagers Rupali Chandar, Chelsey Gupta, and Katie Talbott (’89).

Mrs. Talbott, a local attorney, is the mother of an incoming senior, junior, and 7th grader. Ms. Chandar, a professor of astronomy at the University of Toledo, is the mother/stepmother of two incoming juniors, an incoming 8th grader, and an alumna (’19). Mrs. Gupta, a stay-at-home mom, is the mother of an incoming 1st and 2nd grader and has two toddlers at home.

“We are so fortunate to have engaged and energetic parents in our community who are always willing to step up and help to lead our district to future success,” said Superintendent Dr. Adam Fineske, who made the appointments. “These parents are excellent communicators and organizers, and they are committed to creating the most forward-thinking document possible, involving everyone in our community in unique ways.”

Dr. Fineske and the co-chairs had their first planning meeting today. Among their early tasks are creating a timeline and appointing teachers, alumni, and other Villagers to serve on a larger steering committee. To gather data and input, the steering committee is expected to conduct phone interviews, backyard gatherings (similar to those held during last fall’s levy campaign), roundtable discussions, and online surveys.

By early 2022, the committee will have produced another five-year document to guide the Board of Education and district leadership in governing the 1,050-student district. Similar to the current Long-Range Strategic Plan, the new five-year plan will be more of a blueprint and evaluation tool than a day-to-day manual for running the district. The current plan covers 2017-2022 and sets five goals, each with a set of objectives and strategies.

Dr. Fineske said the district is excited to be partnering with the strategic planning division of ProMedica, which is assisting and guiding the process toward adopting a final plan.