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The Ottawa Hills Schools Parent Association made 21 wishes come true last night by agreeing to fund nearly $39,000 in requests from faculty and staff.

The group's membership approved seven projects at the Junior/Senior High School, 13 at the Elementary School, and one districtwide.

The requests ranged from new digital cameras and microscopes to wobble stools and sensory bins. The largest item ($10,000) was for 12 Samsung and 12 Apple TVs at the Elementary School to replace existing whiteboard technology.

Each spring, the parent-support group seeks requests from faculty and staff in both buildings. The number of requests varies by year, as does the available pool of money. The items are then reviewed by the group's executive board before being presented to the membership at the group's final meeting of the school year.

"OHSPA is able to fund these requests because our volunteers run so many successful programs and fundraisers," said Jana Kammeyer, OHSPA's president. "Without volunteers and the support of parents and other Villagers, the wish lists could not funded."