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2022 - Big 10 tech tour 1
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OH students, faculty, and staff visited the future today via two Big 10 campuses. At each, they explored new approaches in high-tech learning.

The group started at Michigan State University, where they experienced a 360-degree immersion room. A similar facility is planned for inside The Foundry. At MSU, students and faculty began brainstorming ideas on how to apply the technology and enhance learning in Ottawa Hills. They also saw demonstrations of new 3D scanners and virtual-reality stations.

The day concluded at the University of Michigan, where they received demos of a virtual-reality lab, modeling and simulation software, and another 3D scanner.

“We went to U of M to develop new ideas on how to prepare our students for even further success in college," said Brooks Spiess, the district's technology coordinator. “Just as important, we need to introduce them to new paths that instill passion and creativity in areas they might not have thought of."