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2022 - JA job interview

Volunteer Dan Sturtz conducts a mock job interview with daughter, Emily.

2022 - JA Oneil

Colleen O'Neil with daughter Keely Stanfield

2022 - JA board game

Students work in teams using a board game designed to help them prepare to land a job during an interview.

Students in the 5th Grade learned about the nation’s free-market economic system through speakers and hands-on activities this week sponsored by Junior Achievement.

Under the banner “JA Our Nation,” the five daily activities were led by two parent volunteers: Dan Sturtz, an engineer at First Solar, Inc. who has been teaching JA for 19 years, and Colleen O’Neil, a lecturer at the Judith Herb College of Education at The University of Toledo. Both have children in the district.

Students learned about supply and demand, interviewing for jobs, career groupings, designing products, and the United States’ role in the global economy. The curriculum also introduced the need for entrepreneurial and innovative thinking to meet the requirements of high-growth, high-demand careers.

The JA unit is taught annually in the district.

“The students were very engaged and enjoyed the group exercises,” said Ashley Christen, a 5th Grade teacher who hosted the speakers this week. “Our parent speakers were extremely knowledgeable and wonderful guides through the material.”

"JA is a unique program that empowers kids to succeed by showing how what they’re learning today coupled with good life skills leads to a rewarding career," Mr. Sturtz said. "I’ve been volunteering for JA for 19 years and always look forward to it."

At UT, Ms. O'Neil works with undergraduate and graduate students who are working toward obtaining a teaching license to work with children from pre-school through 5th Grade. Prior to her appointment, she was a kindergarten teacher, curriculum director, and an elementary school principal.