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2022 - Dr Miller honors student artists

Posing with Dr. Miller and their artwork are (from left): Fitz Wagoner (3), Meryn Hoelle (1), Fatima Najdi (K), Quinn Neuendorf (4), Dominic Timmers (6), Norah Limburg (2), and  Emily Sturtz (5).

In one of the many perks of his position, Dr. Bill Miller – the district’s director of curriculum and instruction – annually picks seven pieces of student artwork to adorn his office. The selection process takes a while, as he has to review hundreds of pieces from Elementary School students.

“I select art that brings me joy when I first look at it, and I am so thankful that the students are willing to share their work with me,” Dr. Miller said. Art teacher Cindy Bodziak helped with the curation and selection.

This year’s honorees are Fatima Najdi (K), Meryn Hoelle (1), Norah Limburg (2), Fitz Wagoner (3), Quinn Neuendorf (4), Emily Sturtz (5), and Dominic Timmers (6). Their artwork will be framed and placed in his office and in the hallways of the district’s new administrative offices on Central Avenue.