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2022 - Junior High Spelling Bee participants

Congratulations to 7th grader Sam Kapadia for winning the annual Junior High Spelling Bee on Friday (Jan. 21). 

Running up was fellow 7th grader Ibraheem Alaani. The event's other finalists were Anushka Agarwal (8), Adam El Sayyad (8), Kaed Egan (8), Freya Klaas (8), Maya Choksey (7), and Alexa Potts (7).

2022 - Junior High Spelling Bee Champ Sam Kapadia

Junior High English teachers Karen Fischer and Cheri Palko organized this year’s event and thought they would elevate the competition and bring awareness by having all of the 7th and 8th Graders attend the final round. Mrs. Fischer said that she was incredibly proud of their positive and genuine support for their classmates.

“The Junior High students were really interested in the heated battle up on the stage and they were excited to cheer on their classmates," said Mrs Fisher.

Sam and Alaani went head-to-head for more than a dozen rounds before Sam correctly spelled “steroid.” The final words were challenging and included perilous, fealty, parkour, ghastly, farcical, bumptious, stalwart, triglycerides, spatula, elucidate, luminance, fondant, omnibuses, biscotti, and paneer. Both Sam and Ibraheem prepared for several weeks before the Spelling Bee by studying lists from the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Sam now advances to the Blade's Northwest Ohio Spelling Bee, which will be held online. Congratulations and good luck, Sam!