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Quality Profile

A successful school district places a high degree of importance on ensuring that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential inside and outside the classroom. The member schools of the Alliance for High Quality Education developed the Quality Profile to tell the story of our school districts beyond what the State of Ohio's Local Report Card shows.

The Alliance is a group of high-performing school districts in Ohio that work together to advocate at the state level for the unique needs of our districts. The Quality Profile is a way to characterize the overall educational value of our individual school districts in areas that matter most to our communities.

The Quality Profile is a companion to the state's Local Report Card, which is a snapshot of our school. Actually, all the data pieces we examine to determine our effectiveness are snapshots. Each piece captures our reality in some specific way. By contrast, the Quality Profile is more of a portrait. It paints a picture of our district that helps our community understand the efforts and activities that take place each day to create a school district of excellence.

In the Quality Profile, you see all the pieces that come together to help us fulfill our district’s mission: "In partnership with our community, Ottawa Hills Local Schools will challenge and inspire each student to realize his or her unique potential; to embrace learning as a lifelong process; and to become an active, responsible citizen."

Though each section contains only representative examples, this document goes deeper than the data to reveal the hearts, minds, and souls that make us who we are. It tells the story of a high-performing school district that delivers educational excellence.